Customer Reviews

“On Saturday Nov. 7, I got into my car and it would not start. I called AAA and within minutes Rory was there. He checked my car and found out that the battery had dead cells. He clearly explained to me that I needed a new battery. He was knowledgeable, courteous and very professional about his job. I want to let you know that Rory not only did an excellent job, he also represented Best Towing with highest regards. People like him are a great asset to any company. I would highly recommend your road service to my family and friends as a result of Rory’s service”

“Last night I got a flat tire on my Mercedes E 500 on the 405 freeway. I wanted to thank Ed driver of truck #34 of Best Towing service, he was on the 405 southbound within minutes of my call. When he started backing up his flatbed truck with the reverse lights gleaming on the polished Aluminum bed (So clean I could eat off it!) I knew things were getting better for me. Ed was quick, courteous, friendly and professional in every way! He loaded and unloaded the car as if it was a $500,000 Rolls Royce then gave me a ride home in the comfort of his spotless truck after a long night. I will always recommend Best Towing Service to all my friends and associates‚ĶMy hat goes off to your company!”

“I wish to commend you on your choice of employees. Twice, while I was stranded with different grandsons, your driver, Carl, came to our rescue. We all agreed he was one of the nicest fellows you ever hope to meet! Not only was he efficient, but he put me at ease-I’m a female senior citizen and I tend to over react. We felt so lucky that he came to our aid.”

” My van overheated and Jorge #35 responded to the call. My van was a handicapped equipped and we had to wait for a van that was handicapped accessible. The wait was three hours and Jorge did not leave me until the van arrived. It was such a comfort to me, as I didn’t want to be alone. I would like for you to recognize him for doing such a good job.”

“Today I inadvertently locked my keys in my car with my baby girl Abigail asleep in the back seat. I called AAA and Tim was there in less than 5 minutes. He arrived to the parking lot, parked his huge truck in the middle of the lot, jumped out with his kit and got to work. He even took the time to place a towel on the hood of my Durango before he placed his kit down so not to scratch the hood. While he was at work a woman stopped and shouted at him to move his truck. Tim calmly replied to her, “not right now ma’am I have a baby locked in the car”, I was freaking out but not your driver Tim, he stayed calm and focused and was absolutely WONDERFUL! After Tim was able to unlock my car, he simply moved his truck and told me he would be right back to take care of the paperwork. I was in tears, Tim said I might want to wait a few minutes and calm down before I drove anywhere and he even offered me a bottle of water. I want to let you know what a great driver, employee and persona you have working for you!!”

“I would like to take the opportunity to compliment you on your driver, Michael Cook. I needed to know what to do about my car, it wouldn’t start. Mr. cook worked with me for several minutes then told me I needed a tow truck. He waited till the truck arrived to discuss the problem with my car and helped the other driver load my car. Again, I believe he went above and beyond the call of duty. Unusual in this day and age.”

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  • AAA Contract Station (30+ Years)
  • Official Police Directed Tow (29+ Years)
  • Check Us Out on the Television Show "Overhaulin" with Chip Foose
  • Employment Opportunities
  • TOTALLY Satisfied Customers Are Our Goal
  • Family Owned & Operated Since 1968
  • Newest Technology & Equipment
  • Staff Constantly Takes Training Courses